The best way to get to Andorra is to fly to either Barcelona or Tolouse then take a bus which will be about 3 hours up to Andorra and Soldeu. You can also try Carcassonne or Perpignan on the French side, or Girona and maybe Reus on the Spanish.

By Air

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By Bus

From Barcelona and Toulouse, check out Novatel and Eurolines bus services. It's best to book in advance to guarantee a seat.


By Car

You could also hire a car and drive yourself - try Easycar or Europcar for starters. Once you've found your way out of the Airport you've achieved the hardest bit. From there, Andorra is easy to get to.

In winter time make sure you have snow chains - you will need them and the police to regular checks to make sure you have them.

Theres only 2 main roads in the country:

  • CG1 takes you north from Andorra la Vella
  • CG2 travels east-west

Driving directions (courtesy of Google):


By Train

There are no trains running in Andorra, but you can catch a service to L'Hospitalet-prés-l'Andorre just on the French border where a connecting bus service will take you to Soldeu in 30 minutes.


Getting around Andorra

There's a regular bus service from Pas de la Casa to Andorra la Vella, passing through Soldeu, Canillo and Encamp. The bus stop for la Vella is by the small car park next to the Aspen, and for Pas outside the Post Supermarket. It runs from 8am till 8pm on the hour, every hour.

In winter you can use the Gel-Ski bus which is free when you show your lift pass. It runs from the Hotel Peretol (just outside of Soldeu) to Canillo, stopping in Soldeu at about half-past every hour and returns stopping in Soldeu at about 5 past every hour. Runs from 9am till 11:30pm except for siesta (1pm-3pm).

You can also stick you thumb out and hitch a ride - it's very common here in the winter time and good for those on a budget or seeking adventure!

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Travel Insurance

You will need travel insurance for your trip to Andorra - your E1/11 will not cover you! As Andorra is outside of the E.U., it is down to you to arrange suitable cover. Make sure it includes the activities you're gonna be taking part in. When you buy your lift pass you will have the option of insurance for a few € more.